Another of the most amazing weekends ever!

The weekend started after my political Thai economy class which is my elective course here at AIT. I went home and quickly changed because I was going in to Bangkok for a dinner. I took the Thamasat van in to Mo Chit which is the closest sky-train stop. It costs 30 baht which is around 6 Swedish kronor  and actually really comfortable! The dinner was the best I had in Thailand so far, we were sitting in a garden by a really trendy house and they served like international Thai-food. I had something called Shanghai noodles and it was great. I think it will be to hard to explain where the restaurant is located but it was close to Sukhumvit road which off course is very large;)
Saturday and Sunday was all about the football and golf tournament. First time I met the guys playing in Scandinavian Vikings and they were really cool guys. Of course we won the game by 5-0 and one of the guys scored two amazing goals, one directly on a corner kick. The golf was also a Scandinavian tournament with people from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Thailand and I think someone from Island but I’m not sure. I played with three Danish guys and one Thai girl and it was so much fun, even though I played like crap! The end of Sunday night was drinking whisky/soda to celebrate a good dayJ.
Monday came and we were back to school, this time with a new professor. Jonas Stray is his name and so far he has shown us some really good teaching skills by the blackboard. Also a very nice guy having a conversation with.
The Team
After class a few of us had signed up to play football for the president team in some sort of AIT sports event. Said - the president of AIT - had managed to recruit some real talent and we were ready for a tough game against the student team. It ended 2-2 but we won on a penalty shootout which by the way consisted of nine penalties and only three of them went in J haha.
This week two things that I know will happen is the Chinese new year and the second time of Swedish networking in Bangkok!
I´ll be back.

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