Last Week in Bangkok

My last week in Bangkok and Thailand has come upon me. Im having mixed feelings about going home but it is time to go at least for this timeJ
This last week I have been working in the Marketing office, where I have seen how they work with things from pricing to different kinds of promotions. I have been helping with as much as I can but I mostly learnt a lot from watching the people working in the office.
On the schedule for the last couple of days is football, some dinners and finishing off with a farewell party night. Its going to be a lot of fun but I will for sure miss Thailand. This is the next last blog I will write, the last one will be when I landed safely in Sweden. Hope you had use of some of my tips in Bangkok and the beautiful country of Thailand. See you!


Planning midsummer in Bangkok

In the Food and Beverage department I got the chance to plan the Swedish midsummer event taking place at our hotel. This was perfect for everyone since I know everything about midsummer and could help people get less work on their shoulders. Together with another Swedish associate we planned everything from scratch, from food to location and settings. We found herring, kaviar and snaps via a Scandinavian restaurant which were very helpful. I also got our engineering department to create a midsummer pole which was highly appreciated during the event. We had Swedish flags, yellow and blue balloons and an overall really nice environment.
In total we had 86 guests and so far all of them have been happy. They loved the food, the setting and the kids had fun dancing around the pole even though it was quite hot outside.
And for me this was a really good experience too. To be able to plan the entire event and see how everything works at the hotel and in Thailand. My time is running out in Thailand now, I have only 11 days left of this amazing experience. The last part of my job will be to help with breakfast in the morning taking care of guests and after that hopefully helping with internal training as much as I can. Will write about it soonJ