Weekend in Pattaya

As the football team had an away game in Pattaya this week I went on a trip from Bangkok. This time three of my fellow student, Daniel, David and Emil reinforced the team. The journey started at skytrain station On nut where we rented a mini-van and were on our way! The trip takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes so there were a lot of funny stories on the wayJ
The game was horrible but we managed to win it anyhow. 3-1 was the final score and we could be happy about three points and a workout at least. After this we stayed for an evening of celebration! It was a really good town for partying and it was not at all as crazy as I heard before I went there. Liked it a lot.
This week is as said before the week for logistics exam and just because of that nothing else is planned but to study as hard as I canJ but I know that it will work for maximum one day!
 Next thing to learn in Thai is how much is this? Nee ra ka tow rai? And the number 1, which is nung. If you learn the numbers 1-10 it will help you very much.
Okey that was a little bit about this weekend, I get back to you when the next funny thing has happened!


Vacation and First Exam

Now when my parents arrived they wanted some vacation with sunbathing and swimming in the ocean. So I arranged a trip to Krabi and a little place called Ao Nang. It was very peaceful and a good place for relaxing and studying for our first exam in Thailand in the course Design of Experiments.

Ao Nang has a lot of Swedish tourists which actually was a little bit annoying when you been here for a long time. Im trying to speak thai and only here Swedish. Why not have a brief lesson now. Sawadee Kup(for men)/Ka(for women) means Hello and Sabai dee mai? Means how are you. I will try and add a few words every day I write. Back to Ao Nang we went out on a daytrip with a longtail boat visiting three different islands, Tup, Poda and Chicken. You can see some pictures of it hereJ it was much fun and a real paradise.
When I got back to Bangkok it was time to prepare for the exam. I studied as much as I could, but I got distracted by all these things that Bangkok has to offer! You cannot imagine how it is here. Not a single day passes without a new experienceJ
We had the exam today and it was alright, but I have no idea how I did haha hope it went ok! Afterwards I watched a movie and had a whisky, went running for 45 minutes and went shopping with my homies Daniel and David. There is one week until the next exam in Logistics which going to be interesting, tomorrow the studying starts again;)


Ayutthaya daytrip

This week mom and dad came to Thailand. It was really nice to see them again, and they brought some Swedish candy for me which was so good! They stayed in Bangkok for a couple of days so they could join us for a daytrip to the old capital here called Ayutthaya.
This was a day with a lot of new stuff happening. We saw temples and ruins which were really cool and at one place there was a Buddha growing in a tree, someone said it was the biggest of its kind in Thailand. After this me and mum rode an elephant, it was the first time for me and I liked itJ
We had lunch in floating market, it was a buffé with a performance going on in the water next to us. Mostly they spoke Thai so it was hard to follow what was going on, but it was something about an alligator trying to get a girl or eat a girl! I don’t really know haha.
Last stop was another floating market, this one was much bigger and they had a lot of stuff and restaurants. Me and David bought one t-shirt each, with cool design and it was a one of a kind store. Really liked that placeJ
Im going to Krabi with mum and dad for a couple of days, when I get back I will tell you all about it. Also exams are coming up so I have to start studying nowL
Until next time


Chatuchak – Weekend market

After a week of studies and more studies it was very nice that the weekend came! Friday was very slow and I just attended class and saw a film that me and Daniel bought at MBK, the big shopping mall, two weeks ago.
Then Saturday came and I had planned with an Austrian friend named Chris that we were going to check the “famous” weekend market out. We went there with the Thammasat minivans again and had a really nice day! There were so many shops and stuff to check though so I am so exhausted now. I promise you, that market had everything you will ever need. From earrings to lampsJ  there was a lot of nice clothing shops as well but to bad for me nothing fit me today haha I am too big for this country. I guess I have to go to a tailor and fix all my clothes when I need something. We had some really good dinner at the market and when night came we realized that it would be a nice place to have a pre-party at. Tomorrow Chris is going back to Austria for some work so we said we´re going to do it when he gets backJ. When you come to Thailand you have to go to this market, it is something you won’t forget.
I´m playing football with the Vikings tomorrow again so I need to rest now! Ciao


Chinese New Year!

I found a new morning habit this week. I forgot to buy breakfast for the week this Sunday because I was playing golf and it means that I have to buy every day instead. But this was really a good thing for me because I discovered the campus breakfast this way. It means I get up as usual but I dress immediately and go to the 108 (like 7/11) on campus, get some yoghurt or other stuff and find somewhere outside to sit and enjoy it. I will introduce it to my roommates Daniel and David tomorrow because I think they will love it.
Today I also booked tickets to Krabi. Mami and Dadi are coming to Bangkok in one week and I have to fix everything because I know where and how to fix it. I had to struggle with the resort but I think I found a good place in the end.
Also the Chinese new year was today. So my Chinese friends Chi and Kun invited me to celebrate with them. Me, Dan, Dave, Chi and Kun went to this amazing barbeque place. It is located like 20 minutes by car from AIT and it was so nice. We had one boiling/frying pan and one barbeque and we took a lot of raw food that we cooked ourselves so we will probably get very sick tomorrow haha, it was so good though. After this we got back to campus where there was a party to celebrate the new year. They had fireworks in the trees and a nice buffet, which was a struggle for us because we ate so much on the bbq placeJ.
Happy New Year to you all!!!
I´ll be back.


Another of the most amazing weekends ever!

The weekend started after my political Thai economy class which is my elective course here at AIT. I went home and quickly changed because I was going in to Bangkok for a dinner. I took the Thamasat van in to Mo Chit which is the closest sky-train stop. It costs 30 baht which is around 6 Swedish kronor  and actually really comfortable! The dinner was the best I had in Thailand so far, we were sitting in a garden by a really trendy house and they served like international Thai-food. I had something called Shanghai noodles and it was great. I think it will be to hard to explain where the restaurant is located but it was close to Sukhumvit road which off course is very large;)
Saturday and Sunday was all about the football and golf tournament. First time I met the guys playing in Scandinavian Vikings and they were really cool guys. Of course we won the game by 5-0 and one of the guys scored two amazing goals, one directly on a corner kick. The golf was also a Scandinavian tournament with people from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Thailand and I think someone from Island but I’m not sure. I played with three Danish guys and one Thai girl and it was so much fun, even though I played like crap! The end of Sunday night was drinking whisky/soda to celebrate a good dayJ.
Monday came and we were back to school, this time with a new professor. Jonas Stray is his name and so far he has shown us some really good teaching skills by the blackboard. Also a very nice guy having a conversation with.
The Team
After class a few of us had signed up to play football for the president team in some sort of AIT sports event. Said - the president of AIT - had managed to recruit some real talent and we were ready for a tough game against the student team. It ended 2-2 but we won on a penalty shootout which by the way consisted of nine penalties and only three of them went in J haha.
This week two things that I know will happen is the Chinese new year and the second time of Swedish networking in Bangkok!
I´ll be back.