Weekend in Pattaya

As the football team had an away game in Pattaya this week I went on a trip from Bangkok. This time three of my fellow student, Daniel, David and Emil reinforced the team. The journey started at skytrain station On nut where we rented a mini-van and were on our way! The trip takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes so there were a lot of funny stories on the wayJ
The game was horrible but we managed to win it anyhow. 3-1 was the final score and we could be happy about three points and a workout at least. After this we stayed for an evening of celebration! It was a really good town for partying and it was not at all as crazy as I heard before I went there. Liked it a lot.
This week is as said before the week for logistics exam and just because of that nothing else is planned but to study as hard as I canJ but I know that it will work for maximum one day!
 Next thing to learn in Thai is how much is this? Nee ra ka tow rai? And the number 1, which is nung. If you learn the numbers 1-10 it will help you very much.
Okey that was a little bit about this weekend, I get back to you when the next funny thing has happened!

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