Vacation and First Exam

Now when my parents arrived they wanted some vacation with sunbathing and swimming in the ocean. So I arranged a trip to Krabi and a little place called Ao Nang. It was very peaceful and a good place for relaxing and studying for our first exam in Thailand in the course Design of Experiments.

Ao Nang has a lot of Swedish tourists which actually was a little bit annoying when you been here for a long time. Im trying to speak thai and only here Swedish. Why not have a brief lesson now. Sawadee Kup(for men)/Ka(for women) means Hello and Sabai dee mai? Means how are you. I will try and add a few words every day I write. Back to Ao Nang we went out on a daytrip with a longtail boat visiting three different islands, Tup, Poda and Chicken. You can see some pictures of it hereJ it was much fun and a real paradise.
When I got back to Bangkok it was time to prepare for the exam. I studied as much as I could, but I got distracted by all these things that Bangkok has to offer! You cannot imagine how it is here. Not a single day passes without a new experienceJ
We had the exam today and it was alright, but I have no idea how I did haha hope it went ok! Afterwards I watched a movie and had a whisky, went running for 45 minutes and went shopping with my homies Daniel and David. There is one week until the next exam in Logistics which going to be interesting, tomorrow the studying starts again;)

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