Chatuchak – Weekend market

After a week of studies and more studies it was very nice that the weekend came! Friday was very slow and I just attended class and saw a film that me and Daniel bought at MBK, the big shopping mall, two weeks ago.
Then Saturday came and I had planned with an Austrian friend named Chris that we were going to check the “famous” weekend market out. We went there with the Thammasat minivans again and had a really nice day! There were so many shops and stuff to check though so I am so exhausted now. I promise you, that market had everything you will ever need. From earrings to lampsJ  there was a lot of nice clothing shops as well but to bad for me nothing fit me today haha I am too big for this country. I guess I have to go to a tailor and fix all my clothes when I need something. We had some really good dinner at the market and when night came we realized that it would be a nice place to have a pre-party at. Tomorrow Chris is going back to Austria for some work so we said we´re going to do it when he gets backJ. When you come to Thailand you have to go to this market, it is something you won’t forget.
I´m playing football with the Vikings tomorrow again so I need to rest now! Ciao

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