Chinese New Year!

I found a new morning habit this week. I forgot to buy breakfast for the week this Sunday because I was playing golf and it means that I have to buy every day instead. But this was really a good thing for me because I discovered the campus breakfast this way. It means I get up as usual but I dress immediately and go to the 108 (like 7/11) on campus, get some yoghurt or other stuff and find somewhere outside to sit and enjoy it. I will introduce it to my roommates Daniel and David tomorrow because I think they will love it.
Today I also booked tickets to Krabi. Mami and Dadi are coming to Bangkok in one week and I have to fix everything because I know where and how to fix it. I had to struggle with the resort but I think I found a good place in the end.
Also the Chinese new year was today. So my Chinese friends Chi and Kun invited me to celebrate with them. Me, Dan, Dave, Chi and Kun went to this amazing barbeque place. It is located like 20 minutes by car from AIT and it was so nice. We had one boiling/frying pan and one barbeque and we took a lot of raw food that we cooked ourselves so we will probably get very sick tomorrow haha, it was so good though. After this we got back to campus where there was a party to celebrate the new year. They had fireworks in the trees and a nice buffet, which was a struggle for us because we ate so much on the bbq placeJ.
Happy New Year to you all!!!
I´ll be back.

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