So far - an awesome experience

This is me
Okey, so my name is Filip and I'm studying at the University of Borås but present our class, IBE 2, has the oppurtunity to study for one semester in Bangkok, Thailand. So far it has been an awesome experience and I'm in love with this country.

I thought I start with a quick recap of whats been going on the last week since we were at the wakeboard park. Monday to Friday we have classes so we usually don’t leave campus for more than a nice dinner or some shopping.
A typical day at campus is to wake up and eat breakfast. After that you pack your bag and head over to the pool area for some tanning or exercise. After that we eat lunch and attend class for a couple of hours, often we are pretty tired during class because there so much to do here. Campus is really awesome, it has a football field which I love, gym, tennis courts, basketball, volleyball and a nice 9-hole golf course. That’s it for now about that because I want to write about more fun stuff like when we go to Bangkok.

Great view from Sky Lounge!
From previous you can see that we were on a Swedish networking and this happened again. This time it was a Nordic Young Professional night with a superb tapas buffé and a lot of good drinksJ. I would specially recommend red bull/vodka haha. After this gathering ten people from our class went to the most crazy nightclub I have ever seen. There were balloons falling from the ceiling and they had 5 different dance-floors, it was intense and we had such a good time there. Back to campus at 0600 AM! Crazy night J
 This weekend I'm going to play a football match and a golf tournament, probably some partying as well even though I shouldn’t!

That’s it for this time, I just wanted to get started! Enjoy and I´ll be back;)

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