AIT Campus

While I’m waiting for the next funny thing to happen here I thought I write some things about our lovely campus here at AIT.  As I already mentioned we have a lot of possibilities to do sports. Two bigger shops were you can buy fresh fruit, snacks and other useful stuff for your dorm. I usually buy breakfast, like eggs and choco pops thereJ
There are also many different kinds of restaurants. Indian, Vietnamese, Thai and then we have the SU café which provides all sorts of different meals. There are also three or four different cafes where you can have what we in Sweden call “fika”. The best of them is Hon Krum but it is fair enough a bit more expensive than the other ones.
There are also laundry service, dry cleaning, travel agency, hair salon and a massage place on campus so you can easily get stuff fixed here. The facilities when it comes to classrooms and such are in good quality. Equipment that works and a lot of friendly staff helping us with different kind of problems.
Right now I am studying for our midterm exam in Business Economics tomorrow. I hope it will be fine, and afterwards I´m going to Bangkok for an event that will be a lot of fun.
You can see some pictures of campus on http://www.campusbangkok.se/ - there is a link here.  

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