Transportation systems

When you been here in Bangkok for a while you learn in which way and with what you should travel at different times of the day. Take today for example, I and Daniel were going to Future Park, a major shopping centre, to look for some clothes. We left AIT at 10.30 and we knew at that time traffic would not be that bad and decided to try the bus-system. It was very convenient and no troubles at all. A 30 minute ride cost 14 baht, which is 3-4 Swedish kronor. Beat that VästtrafikJ 14 baht is the expensive bus as well because it has air-condition. The regular one costs 9 baht!
Also when thinking about transportation in Bangkok, it is almost never good to take a taxi between 9-11 and 15-17. In this case you should just go to the closest sky-train station and use that. Sometimes the sky-train is also super busy, like when we were going home from the city to campus last Thursday. Check the picture! That must have been a crazy dayJ
You may wonder what is happening in the future. We have two exams left in this semester and they will be the last week of April. Before that it will be a lot of studying, travelling to Chiang Mai (north) and also a football tournament coming up with the Scandinavian Vikings. That’s the quick plan right now, but I will be back and tell you more about itJ

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