Chiang Mai

After a few hours in a night bus up to Chiang Mai we finally arrived. 0600 was the time and the hotel couldn’t check us in at that time. We decided to go for a walk in the city and found a really nice café where we could sit down and relax. The city was not big at all, you could actually walk to all places around even though we usually took a tuk-tuk because it was warmJ we went to Chiang Mai for one thing, to celebrate Songkran (Thai new year). We heard a lot about it that you are supposed to throw water at each other for good luck. So after we checked in at the hotel me and Daniel went down to the centre and checked this out.
It was crazyJ!! Everyone threw water at each other and never been in a water fight like that. Incredible… We were fighting for a couple of hours and everyone loved itJ First night finished off with dinner together with some friends at an amazing Italian restaurant. It was so good!
We did a lot of activities up there also. Shooting guns, watched a snake show, visited a Thai silk factory and fight of the gibbon. The last event is something that you all need to try if you go to Chiang Mai, it was awesome! You go high up into the mountains in the forest and jump out hanging in a cable that takes you between different platforms. So much fun and the adrenaline it up in the skyJ The longest was 800 meters and I was going really fast!! I definitely recommend all of you to visit Chiang Mai.

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