Easter and Viking Cup

Easter has come upon us and it is time for me to participate in my first Viking Cup in football. The tournament started off with a big buffé dinner at a five star hotel in Bangkok. Almost 300 players from different cities in Asia had come to join this Cup. Most of them Danish as all Viking teams initially has been Danish. The teams in the tournament were, Jakarta, Singapore, Hongkong 1&2, Bangkok 1&2, Shanghai, Beijing, Shingjing and Kuala Lumpur. After this first night of getting to know each other it was time for the first day of playing.
I was playing for Bangkok 1 and in our group we had last year champions Kuala Lumpur, Hongkong 1, Jakarta and Shanghai. After four really tough games we ended up with three wins and one draw against KL. But we were ready for the semifinal the next day versus Singapore from the other group.
After a bad effort by myself the semifinal ended up in a penalty shootout, where we missed three and they were more focused and scored three. We were outL
The tournament ended sadly in a crazy rain on Saturday. The final between Bangkok 2 and Singapore could not be played because of too much water on the field and they decided to have two winners. A decision I will never understand but that’s how it is. We finished the tournament together all 300 in a really crazy partyJ Danish know how to drink that’s for sure!
Now we have the last week in school with a lot of studies and ending with my birthday so I will tell you about this week as soon as I can!

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