Tug of War Miniolympic Champions

After a postponed Final on Monday due to some weak Portuguese arms it was finally time. The big Final in Tug of War in AITs miniolympic tournament was coming up. Our opponents were again Portugal, last years undefeated champions.

We knew that we had beaten them before, but from watching their semi-final where they looked really strong some of us had respect for them.  You can really see in our eyes how focused we were to win this game. We wanted honor and pride to the Swedish people on campusJ

Before the game there was a mental game going onJ our opponents wanted to distract us and make us lose focus on what we were aiming for. This did not work. First round started and we had to really fight for a few seconds, but as soon as the Vikings machinery started we had no problem fishing Portugal in. Second round was even easier and we felt how Portugal did not even try to make an effort. An incredible game by the Vikings and I am so proud of us.
Go Vikings, Go Sweden!!!   

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