Crushing last years champions in Tug of war

Today was the day when AIT miniolympics started. It is an annual tournament in all sorts of different sports like football, volleyball, basketball and tug of war. You compete against other nations like Thailand, Nepal, Portugal and so on. From the Swedish side we have teams in the tug of war competition and the basketball. Three of us also helped the Nepalese team in football because they were too few players.
Starting up the miniolympics was the really important tug of war game between last year’s champions Portugal and the big Vikings from Sweden. After the weigh in we took our positions for the big round. We in the Swedish team had a lot of respect for our opponents and you could almost hear the nervous heartbeats. The game was best of three and we were getting ready with David the crazy leader getting us psyched. Till Valhall, AO!! First game started and we had an awesome start just ripping the Portuguese line and an easy victory. For the second game we switched sides and that didn’t help Portugal. After a couple of seconds the Swedish Vikings crushed them and the win was definite. A good effort from the Portuguese team didn’t help this day because we were to strongJ
On Thursday its time to play our first game in basketball and we will do everything we can to have another win. Then we will continue our journey in the tug of war with a lot of confidence and we are for sure going for the win. I just saw one team that can be difficult to beat and that is the Pakistanis. Lets hope we have good rung when we meet themJ Go Sweden!!

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