Visa extension

Today we got to see Thailand for another perspective. We got our first visa in December when we first came here for some vacation. That student visa was valid for three months and now when it was one week until it would expire we went on a little trip with AIT visa department to extend it.
First stop was in Ayutthaya in the middle of nowhere. We sat outside in the extreme heat for 2 hours having no clue of what was going on. Luckily a drink motorcycle came by the office so we could buy a pepsi. The pepsi was not served in a glass or the bottle; no we got it in plastic bag haha lots of ice and a straw. We were so exhausted and some people (David) even fell asleep outside the office.
After this visit we thought we were going back to the school but we went to another place in Bangkok which seemed to be the headquarters of these matters. We just circled around the building in our minivan maybe 3 times and then the guy fixing everything came back and we were doneJ we all asked ourselves why we needed to be there haha
Some more calculation in Thai:
6 - hok
7 - set
8 - bpeet
9 - gao
10 - sip
I would say since I learned to count it helped me a lot in all sorts of situations.
Tomorrow we have the midterm exam in Thai political economy and I hope I am ready for it. After that I going to have easy evening and try to rest as much as I canJ Saturday is matchday and party in the night, looking forward to it!

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