It's been a while!

Hello everyone. I know it’s been a while since the last post, so here goes!

Since the last time I wrote some exciting stuff has been going on here in Hua Hin. We’ll start off with the stuff that concerns school. We started a new course as I mentioned last time called CSR(corporate social responsibility) which has been a very interesting experience. It sure made everyone think once or twice extra about what their everyday choices are and how responsible those choices actually are. Since the last post we’ve had more lectures and also had the time to take a bit of a deeper dive into a case study of our choice. The case study is part of the grading for the course and it is due this Friday. I chose to write about a telecommunications company in Malaysia called DiGi and how they were struggling with their CO2 emissions. I never actually realised that telecommunication companies had such high CO2 emissions, but after doing the case study I realised that there is a major impact and a huge CO2 footprint from such companies.
The remainder of the lectures in CSR were all interesting and necessary to be able to get a grasp of how large an area CSR actually covers. Most people were quite stunned at how much work has to go in to an organisation’s efforts if they are to be successful in implementing CSR into the organisation.

7/11 is supposed to be really good when it comes to logistics, I rest my case.
On Monday we had a presentation for our logistics group work that went really well, we got some good feedback about what a presentation really is about and so forth that we are sure to take with us when doing future presentations. On Monday we have an exam in logistics as well and that will be the end of that course. It’s been quite useful to do the group work because the work that has gone in to the report and the presentation are all stuff that surely will help us get through the exam. So this week people are all about studying for the exam and not a whole lot is really going on, but it’s the same when you’re back in Sweden, a week before the exam people tend to go into isolation.

The most exciting bit about school is the field trip we’re planning in the CSR course. In late march we’re all flying to Cambodia to visit a few of IKEA’s suppliers which will offer a really good opportunity to take the theoretical knowledge from the lectures and compare it to reality. The trip also offers a good chance to see the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh and a good portion of the class will be flying out on the 26th of march and then have a few days before the school work actually starts in the morning of the 29th.

Alright, that is the school update for you.. As you can tell we’ve been quite busy with school, a lote more than when January turned into February. Keep an eye out for the update about my adventures biking around Phetchaburi and scuba diving in Koh Tao!

Until then, peace out!

 // Sebbe

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