School in Hua Hin

So, I promised you an update about school in Hua Hin and it’s time to deliver on that promise!
The past two weeks have been busier than the first couple of weeks in Thailand for sure. Most of the groups have started on their logistics projects and have gotten a fair bit underway. We’re doing a case study on a fictive company called Steelglove Ltd and if you’ve done an engineering degree in Sweden it’s likely that you’ve done the same case study. It is actually rather tricky, but I like how it challenges us in finding knowledge that we don’t have. My group is probably sort of half way through the process of completing the project and we aim to finish it off this week. I’ll get back to you and update you further on the process of how we’re doing.

The most interesting bit about school over the last few weeks is that we’ve started a new course, Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. It is hard to define CSR in a short and concise way but it is the study and methodology of how companies work to make sure their business is ethical, environmentally and socially sustainable. It deals with human rights, labour practices, environmental issues and so on. This is the course that I have been looking forward to the most since I started the IBE programme, hence I had high expectations on the course. So far we’ve only done two days of CSR, but during those two days I don’t think that it left anyone untouched. A few people have already said that “I want to work with CSR when I graduate.”. The course is headed by a Richard Welford who is the chairman and founder of CSR Asia, one of the biggest CSR consultancy businesses in the Asia Pacific region. Richard was a really good lecturer and super inspiring to listen to.
The CSR course will include a field trip later on in the course which most of us are really looking forward to. It is not yet confirmed where it will go or the exact dates, but preliminary info points to that we will be going to Cambodia to visit a factory in late march. Super exciting stuff!
When it comes to exams we will have the logistics exam on the 1st of March and the presentation for the project on the 2nd of March.
Alright, for now, peace out!
// Sebbe

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