End of the season party and more experience from working

This weekend we had an end of the season party with the footballteam. We started off playing some bowling and I think I did my worst performance ever but it was still a lot of fun. After that we chilled out by the pool and enjoyed the sun for a while it was so nice. Continued the day by having a really good Swedish buffe with herring, salmon and knäckebröd. And then finishing off with getting our prize for ending in second place in the league. It was a good day with a lot of laughs.
Everything is good at work I am learning a lot of new stuff. After a couple of weeks in the front office I have been helping in the reservations office and the last week in the accounting department and more specific cost control. I am learning a lot and I really like the experience I get from working here in Thailand. The next week I am going to be in the Food and Beverage department and that will be completely new stuff for me so lets hope they are nice to me. I will tell you all about what I will do there soon.

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